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06-09-2011, 12:01 PM
The DEM/FAW thing is cool, but it is predictable and risky since there is are a couple of effective counters to it, one of which eats a Science Team and requires several deliberate steps to properly execute.

So I'm starting to wonder how much more damage DEM is really giving. Running two DEMs takes up some pretty valuable tray real estate -- Aux to SIF, Aux to Dampeners, Warp Plasma... Is it really worth it? How much faster do you feel you are killing people with DEM, since it does reduce actual weapon damage and replaces the lost damage with a "per pulse" hull damage of around 40-46. I know it stacks up pretty fast but in PUG matches I'd almost rather have an extra heal or two, especially since Science Team takes away one Hazard Emitter or Transfer Shields AND puts Engineering Team and Tactical Team on cooldown. If you're having to spam Science Team you'll probably need Aux to SIF, hmm?

Also I have found the blue mk xi Directed Energy Modulation Consoles that boost Beam Weapons skill are better than green mk xi AntiProton Mag Regulators, and wayyyy cheaper.