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# 1 Sci=Uber Ground?
06-09-2011, 01:34 PM
Well, I have had a couple of experiences that have shown me that there really is no need to have any players of a specific type, if you have a team that works together, and communicates. (I've said before, the challenge of the STF's is not individuals' gaming skills, but of the groups teamwork.)

That said, I ran "The Cure" with a 4-man team, all Sci, KDF-side. It was a fun and interesting challenge, but It didn't feel like we were bogged down for lack of DPS. I think we were running 2x Geo kits, 1x medic, and 1x Physician, but don't quote me on that. Every fight started with Gravimetric shift to Root the borg, and thermal vent, to damage them, (also both exposes) I was running a High density Beam rifle, (extra CC) and a Split-beam (multi-target exploits)

As far as the transformers, we used the "No-Aggro" method, and I was quite surprised that as a Sci, I could hold transformer 1 all by myself with a Geophysicist kit.

Last night I went on a KDF KA run, with 4 Sci, and a tac, not sure how they broke out ship-wise, but we had 2x BoP, 2x, Vo'Quv, and a Varanus.

GW 3 is Essential, create a little Borg Ball, and one probe goes boom, it almost takes the rest with it in a single warp-core breach.

the thing that surprised me the most was the DPS 3 Sci's and a tac could lay down on one of those shield generator nodes. One of the other Sci's gave me an analyist kit (Blue mk IX) and told me he had soloed the control room with it, with the anesthetine gas. I barely had time to get to the pillar to extend the transfer before they had already killed it. for the last 4 I just went back to my Geo kit, and we got them down, first time, every time.

If you want to have some serious fun, run a Sci-heavy STF. I certainly had a blast.