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06-09-2011, 12:34 PM
The only points I have in ground are the early medical skills, cause I like to play Healer on the ground in STFs.

The other kit I run is Geophysicist -- it's simply amazing and has made ground combat actually fun for me.. I didn't think it was possible!

The amount of exposes it comes with is staggering (each power has an Expose) and all four powers are excellent. I love dropping a Gravimetric Shift on an enemy group and following it up with a Thermal Vent.

My Weapons are the CRF-200 (I think I got that right). The main attack as an Expose (Wow!) and the secondary attack hits hard, is an AOE, and will nearly always expose someone.. usually everyone you hit with it (not to mention both attacks freeze/slow enemies). My secondary is the Romulan Split Beam Disruptor Rifle to take advantage of all the Exposes.

I have no skills spent boosting the powers the kit uses, so it makes me wonder how potent it would be fully specced into. That said, you don't need to spend any skill points on it to get a great amount of mileage from the Geophysicist Kit.. the Exposes are enough.

It's also an amazing kit for STFs, especially if you have a lot of Tactical captains in your group. They will love your Exposes and enemies will die fast.