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06-09-2011, 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by Crooked_Wookie
Does anyone have good suggestions for putting together a good leveling build for a Science officer, probably on a Sci ship? I'm less concerned I guess with healing right off the bat (and don't mind respeccing later) so much as just survival and doing enough DPS/debuffs to progress through the ranks with decent speed. If you have any console suggestions or specific items, EC isn't much of an issue.

So any suggestions on how to put together my ship, what skills to invest in, what boff skills to pick up and why, all that information would be gold.

first off, what level are you, and what do you plan on doing? PvP will require a lot more work than PvE.*

also, what difficulty? Elite will require more specifics, while in advanced or normal mode you can get by without focusing on specific skills.

*PvE means Player-vs-Environment. PvP means Player-vs-Player