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06-09-2011, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by Aisling

Heres mine... or what I was thinking. Suggestions, thoughts? Also the builder doesnt like the current Firefox, so you have use Internet Exploder.
Drop Research Science Vessel and Long Range Science Vessel. You won't need them in your T5 ship. Either choose the Destiny or Luna and maximise your potential in that, don't divide your points between them. Same for phasers and disruptors. Either take one or the other, don't split your points in both.

Max Engineering, Warp Core and Operations training. Decide if you're going to heal or expose on ground, don't try to do both.

Post your bridge officer skills for a more detailed analysis, but you don't need Subsystem or Hull repair. Try using the other builder, that lets you pick officer skills as well.