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06-09-2011, 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by Kiala View Post
Unlocking it only lets you teach your bridge officers. You need a better kit if you want to use III yourself.

I'm not a big fan of Transfer Shield Strength, especially since you have all 3 shield heal other skills. With your aux that low, your heals won't be that great. Your Extend Shield isn't that hot too. I suppose I'm just confused why you're gonna run a full DPS build but have so many heals.

Spreading your officer abilities along all the science paths is causing you to max all your points there at the detriment of other departments of your ship. If you feel this is how you'd like to play, then please disregard my comments, but being more focused would help your performance.
Ill probably end up dropping Nanite Treatment then...

Honestly, I was trying a hybrid for dps and healing, but you're probably right, should stick with one...

As for the spreading the science officer abilities, I was just thinking that if I dont spread them, they will be sharing cooldowns... I guess sharing cooldowns would allow points in other places, but at the cost of less options available at one time... so you would recommend sharing cooldowns on abilities, and maximize weaponry/power skills more?