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06-09-2011, 01:36 PM
hey guys

basically im not posting a build im not so far into the game to understand what the later stuff does or works out. So this is more could you recomend 1 to me if u have any free time that is

Current way ive been playing atm is close to full on healing i like to be able to take damage as good as i can making me able to support the fleet for as long as poss with still having the abil to do solo anything i come across PvE. currently only lt-com rank with sci-team 1 sci-team 2 engie team 1 for tanking

my game plan so far has been 3 phaser beam arrays 250 arc keeping my ship sideways to get the full effect of front and back along with beam overload to get there shields down faster and keeping my frontal shield topped ready for the switch i make when there shields down. i then basically blast evasive switch to head on posistion tachyon + torp them down. if there shields regen faster than my front beam can handle ill just switch to sideways appraoch again and rinse and repeat.

this has worked very well for me so far im not sure on torps and energy weps later on so building a spec now is kinda confusing for me hence me here asking. i do know however i will be goin deepspace science ship for my last ship for added engie slot.

with this kinda of game plan what kind of build would u recomend?
thanks in advance