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06-09-2011, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by zugstum
Well they are on different timers so you can use multiple shield heals before the used timer is up so I have to disagree on the multiple shield heals. As for ground skills, I don't want any as they are for ground pvp. I don't do it. Now as for tractor beam, I don't use it so why take it? So now what? any other suggestions based on this?

Please add advice based on these facts and throw in some ... NUMBERS
No, Taeyan is correct. You don't need 5 shield heals. You aren't getting the other skills for ground, you're getting them for Engineering Team and Science Team, which are space abilities.

Don't ask for advice and then blatantly ignore it. If you're convinced you already know what you're doing and won't listen, there's no point in us trying to help you.