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06-09-2011, 12:36 PM
well here is my build.

Somethings to note. I thought Starships Sensors affected scramble sensors, but according to this tool I'm not sure if it does. I'm Commander 3 already so some of these choices reflect skill points already spent

Right now I'm running 2 phaser beam arrays and a torp in front with another phaser array and torp in back, though I'm interested in the Dual beams torp in front and turrets in the back build. Does the investment in cannons really pay off with the turrets? How does it compare to running my current weapon loadout having High Yield 1 and 2 on the tactical officer and firing off salvos and HY1 and HY2 back to back? (ie prime the first HY 20 secs before combat)

My power levels are usually set to: 75 weapons, 60 shields, 35 engines, 30 Aux

I know I have invested in some skills that don't directly affect my BOff abilites such as: Aux and Eng efficiency and Eng and Weapon Performance, but I figured moar powah = good. I might also consider dropping all the Performance skills to only rank 7 as going up to rank 9 gives only a slight bonus.

Is Photonic theory worth investing in for Photonic Fleet? It has a what, 15 min cooldown? Would my skill points be better spend elsewhere, say in the weapon performance skill instead?

Currently, everything up to Lt Cmd is accurate to what i have already invested (except for starship cannons) For Cmd, i have 5(?) in Phasers, 1 in Aux efficiency and 4 in Shield Efficiency.

Am I better off with RSP1, or would substituting that for EPtS II be a good choice as well?

Thanks in advance for your input