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06-09-2011, 12:36 PM
current build

two fore torps, fore beam/dual beam array
two aft mines, aft beam array
many projectiles so weapon isn't always needed. arrays for target subsystem (turrets can't target sub can it?).

overload for when i do have max weapon. but I am still undecided about the tac skills really. hyt will be in there somewhere tho

engineer I'm pretty meh about and nothing solid. but hey none of my skills choices were influenced by engineer so it doesn't matter

as for the science skills, I rotate them out depending on what I want to do. I run anything from viral, scramble sensors, tractor repulsors, tachyon beam, and photonic shockwave. hazard and science team are pretty much staples. and I plan on testing prett ymuch every other skill while 45 to see how they work out, which is why they're all maxed.