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Originally Posted by Silvanarix View Post
You seem to know alot about the game.. Do you suggest an all out heal build for team play as a science officer? or a dps/balance build? Ive played healers since EQ 1 came out.. And love the style of a healer from EQ to EQ2 to DDO to WOW to Vanguard.. Healers are what I enjoy.. straight healing, mastering the mechanics of healing.. I am trying depserately to figure out how to accomplish that in this setting.. Star trek has always had a better story than those games mentioned above and its awesome being a part of it.
a week or two kiala posted that she suggests engineer for a healer type. personally I believe a science type makes a good healer if not better. my build I just posted is pretty healer oriented. if you wanted even more healing you can replace the two tier 3s with shield transfer (even though it's regarded as an underpowered skill) just to have even more healing.

when partying I generally rotate hazard/science on the tank to have a constant HoT and dmg resist buffs on him with a side effect of burst shield healing. in emergencies/after battle I do hazard/engineer to heal hull up for the next battle, which puts science on a cooldown. my current build doesn't have extend shields so I can only say you can save it for emergencies (like when you do engineer/hazard, use extend to make up for the shield heal loss)

for the high rank skills, viral or scramble are good choices to mitigate damage. piror for single targets, latter for groups