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06-09-2011, 12:36 PM
Just for giggles ... this is what I would do for each tier ... will update during slow spots in the Super Bowl game.

Tier 1 (Beginning)

This just defines the first BO skills I grab. Needless to say, BO skills are a personal preference. As I gather points, it will reflect what Tier 2 (Beginning) starts with.

Tier 2 (Beginning)

So when I am done with Tier 1, this is my point layout. Not a lot of special issues here as most space abilities are good for any build. BO skills for Tier 2 are a personal preference but these seem popular with most folks. I didn't grab Science Team or Engineering Team yet as I don't find that necessary in T2 since mobs are so easy to kill still.

Tier 3 (Beginning)

Again as I work my way through Teir 2, it was mostly generic picks. Time to pick up Science and Engineering Team as PvE mobs in T3 are starting to hit hard. And I took Scientist to 9 for when Cryptic fixes the bug where that is supposed to open Science Team III. BO skills in Tier 3 are personal preferences so that did affect which Starship Operations skills I picked in Tier 2 so keep that in mind!!!

Tier 4 (Beginning)

Grabbed Phaser and Quantum torps as weapon skills to boost as I leveled through Tier 3... but of course others grab different weapon skills. Picked up VM and MES ... they work okay for PvE. Nothing like sneaking up to scan a mission objective and not have to fight the mobs around it

Also since it it pointless to grab the T3 and T4 ship skills since they go obsolete as soon as you leave those tiers, this was a good time to back fill a lot of skills to level 9 as well as picking up the other T2 Maint Skills.

Finally the only efficiency skill I pick is engine since that is the only one I run at 25 where Efficiency skills help; Although if you run Weapons low, you might want to grab it too.

Tier 5 (Beginning)

As I leveled through Tier 4, I found it's getting tough to find spots to spend points on as many choices do not support your BO skills or weapon types. So I grabbed Shield and Eng Maintenance ... hull repair is bleh. Didn't grab any new weapons skills but many folks do. I grabbed Starship Operations again to support my BO choices. And went back and grabbed some Science Officer skills for remaining points to spend. May be handy when raids are finally added to the game.

Tier 5 (Final)

Since there are so few points to spend ... it genuinely is your personal call. I grabbed the Deep Space Science Vessel since I will be flying it till the level cap is raised. I also love Photonic Fleet. It may not be the best choice for min maxers but I love it. So I grabbed Photonic Theory to boost it. But again, this is really your call for how to spend points.