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06-09-2011, 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by LagunaD
Nanites also buff two very strong abilities, but the Health Monitor apparently only gets its duration extended, which I think is not very useful (I think the number of applications, not the expiration of the buff, is what limits the skill). Disappointing, since I love the ability, but unless something besides the time duration increases it's not worth it.

I don't think the Operations skills at T5 are really that great, so that leaves pilot skills or Weapon/Aux Performance. The latter two are definitely strong, but in the end they are power levels (i.e. you can adjust them on the fly).
The only time I have problems healing on ground is when either someone is very stupid and makes a big mistake (ie pulling more than one group) or the first 4 pull in Cure, as it rounds a corner and means I have a lot of ground to cover, LoS issues, and medical drones holding me closer than my ex This is also with something like 4 tier 1 filler points and potentially 4 tier 2 filler points in ground based healing. As I'm not an exceptional healer, I find it very difficult for anyone to justify spending a large amount of point in and ground based skills (though I guess for pvp it would be fine).

You can adjust your power on the fly, but putting points into it gives you more to work with. assuming 5 points in each weapon power and aux power you're sitting at a 10-14 points more than you stated with (200) for roughly a 5-7% increase (i say up to 7 because it's not liniar and I'm not sure where you get the whole points). And that's for only 10 of your 16 points, allowing you to spend them on something like, as you mentioned, pilot skills. And as my recon ship feels sluggish and like a boat compared to my BoP alt, with mk4 engines, I think we need all the pilot skills we can get.

As for my continual references that I'll look at specs tomorrow: It'll come true one of these days.. when my truck doesn't die on me requiring new head gaskets, work calms down, I'm done training the new person, etc. I was able to get my pve daily done on my main toon and that was all the comp time I had for myself yesterday. Not trying to neglect anyone or anything.