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06-09-2011, 12:36 PM
Hi all, first time posting and I'm fairly new to the game, but I have powered my way to RA1 and have bought my Recon.Vessel, so I would love some advise or harsh critisim about my current / planned build. I have read almost all of this thread, so I think I have omitted most of the normal errors you get with new builds, but once again please let me know if I have messed up somewhere, or how I could improve something.

I am currenly playing PVE but intend to switch to PVP soon. I love playing as a gunboat / disabler so I've spcced my build around those points.

Power Settings:
My power settings are normally 25 Engines, 25 Aux (I use batteries alot), Weapons around 80 and the rest Shields. I have tried to incorporate these settings into my Engineering Effeciency / Performance settings.

Proposed Build

I'm not a huge fan of land PVE or PVP, so I have not specced into any of those skills at all. I am building this character as space based.

For Tactical I've deciced to go for: Beam Fire At Will I, HYT II and Beam overload I

For Engineering I've gone for Engineering Team I, RSP I

For Science I've gone for: (CMDR) Jam Sensors I, Tractor Beam II, Charged Particle Burst II, VM II
(LT.CMR): Hazard Emitters I, Science Team II, Scramble Sensors II (this will be changed to Science Team III once I go PVP).

Questions I have:
1) Hazard Team or use something like Tachyon Beam?
2) StarShip Combat Maneuvers - I haven't seen many people spec into this, but from what I can tell, more movement is good, and its served me well so far. Is this a good investment for my playstyle?
3) I haven't used Charged Patricle Burst as yet since I've only hit Admiral 10mins ago, so is this a good skill? Or should I use something like Energy Siphon or Feedback Pulse?

I've read that Feedback Pulse is great in PVP, so I am leaning towards that. If so I could remove my points in Astrometrics and use them elsewhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!