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Originally Posted by Cheeseus View Post
The only time I have problems healing on ground is when either someone is very stupid and makes a big mistake (ie pulling more than one group) or the first 4 pull in Cure, as it rounds a corner and means I have a lot of ground to cover, LoS issues, and medical drones holding me closer than my ex This is also with something like 4 tier 1 filler points and potentially 4 tier 2 filler points in ground based healing. As I'm not an exceptional healer, I find it very difficult for anyone to justify spending a large amount of point in and ground based skills (though I guess for pvp it would be fine).
Well, I confess I have only done the STFs about a half dozen times (beaten both of them), but generally PUGs do not play smart, may have mediocre gear, may be spec'ed totally wrong, don't know what some of their skills do, don't have the consumables they should, etc.

In my admittedly limited experience, an "average" (meaning pretty bad) STF group needs all the help it can get. The final boss in Infected, for example, can do a lot of damage. Probably a well-oiled strat avoids this, but the times I have run it, it has always been a very near-run thing, even in the better groups. The transformer pulls in Cure are pretty hard if you don't exploit - the ability to permanently lock-down one mob with Stasis Field seems like it would be good there. Dampening Field is also a very, very strong (and from what I've seen, under-used) ability.

Obviously, the best build depends entirely on what you are doing and with whom. The level-capped content consists of:

1) Solo PvE exploration missions - trivially easy; build is almost irrelevant, more DPS means you finish a little faster

2) STFs - so far heavily ground-focused, average PUG can only complete with difficulty; I think support trumps DPS for Science officers both in space and on the ground.

3) PvP - haven't tried yet

So far, I am mainly oriented toward #2.

This is my current support/STF build, tweaked as of today:

Goal was to maximize the stat points/skill points ratio for abilities that I actually use in STFs.

A bit unorthodox, since I spent a fair number of T3 points on T2 skills. Tractor Beam, Sensor Array, and Deflector Dish abilities aren't ones I use much in STFs (Sensor Scan being an exception). The heals and CC are pretty beefy though, both in space and on the ground. In the right group, I imagine this might be OK for PvP too.

Console load-out for STFs is something like

Eng: 2x +Aux, 1x +30% Kinetic resistance (haven't settled on the latter)
Tac: +Phaser, +Photon
Sci: 2x Sensor Probes, 1x Hazard Emitters, 1x Deflector Field; all +28 or +30...

As much as I dislike the DSSV, I am trying to get used to soloing with it (with a very different BO and console line-up than shown in the above link, obviously) because I hate switching boats repeatedly... Yes, it takes longer for the "Defeat XXXX squadrons (0/5)" missions, but it saves me a trip to Earth if I decide to join a STF pug on my way to or from the cluster...

For my DSSV "good enough" solo build, I have

Tac Lt: Torpedo High Yield I and II

Eng Ensign: Emergency Power to Shields I
Eng Lt: Engineering Team I, Directed Energy Modulation I

Sci LtC: Jam Sensors I, Tractor Beam II, Scramble Sensors II
Sci Cdr: Science Team I, Polarize Hull II, Tachyon Beam III, Feedback Pulse III

(or I can have the Scis swap seats and get Viral Matrix III instead of FBP)

Not thrilled with Polarize Hull, but I couldn't see anything much better for that slot. Trying out Directed Energy Modulation; if I don't like it I'll try RSP, but I already have a ton of defensive abilities.
In my RSV, I go with the same, except:

Tac Ensign: Tactical Team I

Eng Lt:: Emergency Power to Shields, Engineering Team II