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06-09-2011, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by Flowergnome
5) Weapons: solo PvE in a science ship means you won't be able to fly circles around your enemies - but they will. So you want to be able to hit them with as many weapons as possible whereever they are. For me that says beam arrays, with a 250 attack radius. I currently use 2 phaser arrays fore and aft plus one torpedo launcher fore. Turrets would be another option, but I have no experience with those.!
Recon ships fly very similar to escorts. I fly with 2 dual beams, 1 torp, and 3 turrets, and can keep ships in my 90 arc almost all the time. Things that give me issues are tiny ships, which are free food for my turrets anyways.

This is obviously RA level commentary, and for 1/2 of the ship selections. I can't see java at work, so their link might show something that would nullify my opinion.