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06-09-2011, 12:36 PM
FBP + TacBeam = high aux, and not condicative w/ turrets+rf.
That's 2x beams and 3x turrets in your forward arc. Meaning, that w/ that dedications to be, "I'm a science ship, who thinks he's an escort ", it'd really be better for you to drop the aux stuff, save maybe FBP, but FBP isn't required in PvE.

Eng team as your only hull heal is meh. Yes, it's instant, but you'd be better off using ST's to buff science skills and shield resist. (2x ST = 100% uptime of ST) This would allow you to use EPtS1 + RSP1. RSP would be your, OMG move, stacked w/ HE. (Mind you it's not all the great vs cubes, but will flux shields back and forth for you)

2x ST1 = all you really need, and if you really want them for shield heals for groups, extend shields does a way better job.

As for spec, well that's still all over the place.
You don't have anything in EPtAux, so why have pts in the buff for the skill? Could max out combat manuevers, and cannons.

Pts in the ship types is kinda wasted, if you have other places you could put the pts, to better yourself. Weapon Performance is a great skill, and way better than maxing ship type. Yes, unless using the end abilities, like TyR, there's not much for a person to take. So you could take 9pts weap, and 6/7pts in ship.
(would give you more wep power, for more dmg)

You're weapons are off spec, but I'm sure you know that already, and the majority of all your powers, aren't Aux dependent. So why bother taking any that are, save for a proc/effect? Keep in mind, that VM/JS/SS will either not work, or be resisted by Borg in S1.1 patch.

I know SNB is off Aux power, but if you use it as a chain, say, JS - > SNB -> VM, that's a long time to keep something from shooting back at you. Maybe drop FBP for HE3/SS2, and if you drop for SS3, drop SS1, for HE2. I'd also like to question the use of RF, when you only have turrets. I find that a HUGE waste.
If you were say 2x canon +1x DB fore, and 3x turrets, then I could see it, but that build has issues, like power and no torps. Why not go BO1, BO2, or HY1 + BO2? Would give you a nice chain, for when shields are dropped. (Mind you BO is on same gcd as TSS, so BO1, HY2 might be better)

I could go into weapon choices, but in the end, it's what you wanna use, and it's your $$$. I prefer transphasic on my ship. It's about 1k less dmg as base, for Mk X, but they also get a 20% shield bypass, which is in addition to the bleed through. (so 25% - 30% goes to hull)

I'd look on the Tribble notes, and forums, to see what changes are coming, so you can prep for them. Also, might I suggest Resilient shields? You have crap for hull, and 5% bleed > 10%. Also, FBP will soon affect canon fire, so vs Sci ships or Cardi, you'll always get feedbacked. So you'll definitely want that HE, it can usually handle the PvE FBP damage. Using this instead of ET, will allow you an , " OH SH*T " ET, for when FBP goes up during RF (if you stick w/ it) or a BO, and have torp spread inc.

Lastly, try to streamline your build, according to subsystems, so you can stack consoles to be VERY effective at doing that, instead of so so. I'll give an example.

ST1, JS2, HE3, VM3
ST1, TR, SS2

JS = Jam Sensors
HE = Hazard Emitters
VM = Viral Matrix
TR = Tractor Repulsors
SS = Scramble Sensors

The subsystems used are, Sensor Probes, Emitters, Tractors, and Dish. (Dish = ST)
Now, you don't have to console out Tractor, Dish, or Emitters. They'll do fine w/o it, and TR is only to remove dead stuff you're too close to, kill mines, push cannon escorts out of arc/5km sweetspot, or pop TC/HYP torps. This lets you console out probes, so that VM/JS/SS are all maxed out, which are, the main source of mitigation for you. Also, these are not Aux reliant skills, so you can go full weapon power as well.

A note, due to the changes coming, you may have to change up on skill, to handle cubes, and maybe spheres as well.

I'll also note, that shield power, will give res% as well. So you may want TSS:S2, and last I saw anything on tac beam, it did squat. (that's fully spec'd, and w/ old consoles of +40)

I will also tell you, energy syphon, did ~19 power drains for me, on a BoP. (might be different on sci ship)
TyR is nice and all, but I drop it in PvP, and I don't stop anyone from moving, which makes me think it's not doing the reported drain to each subsystem, as it's supposed to do.

Ex. My drain is for 63pts. It should drop shields if set to anything except 64pts+, stop the ship dead, if eng isn't set to that, and all weapons do 0 dmg, and aux powers have no effect. Does this happen? No.
Even if I eat a battery and pop ST, it doesn't do that. (TyR3 btw, spec'd and consoled out)
I tested this on my T4 science ship, that has the old consoles (+35s) and the same thing, and that's drain is 95pts.

As for the T1 skills, I do max out a few of mine, those critical to playstyle and survival. Like the new vectors, operations, etc etc. The rest, well those are usually just pt sinks for us anyways.
Lastly, before you get all " OOOH SHINEY!! " about what weapons to take. Look at how hard/easy it will be, to acquire said items, from explore/pvp vendors. If they aren't sold, you'll be forced to rely on drops/AH, and most of those are sold for 100-500k just for commons. (especially beam weapons)