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06-09-2011, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by Cas0311
I am now running Phaser Beam Array, Quantum Torp, and Dual Phaser Beam Back up front and Plasma, Phaser, and Tetryon turrets in the back.
Hm, one array and one banks in front? Why not two banks then? More dps and you need to keep your target in front of you anyway.

3 different sorts of turrets in back, two of which are unskilled. Not good. Sticking to one you have skilled would be better unless you have a real good reason for that loadout.

Apart from that, consider what Arcian said. Take a look at your style of play, what skills you use and figure from there where you should spend your skill points.

Personally, I like to fly broadside to my target and thus use beam arrays for and aft. You seem to prefer a head-on approach and use beam banks / turrets. I play mostly PvE, use Viral Matrix, Scramble Sensors, etc. and put my skill points accordingly. You use abc and should thus put points into xyz. Theorycrafting is ok, but in the end, you have to fit the theory to your actual playstyle.

Anyay, still too many skills at 9 for my taste, but that's just me :-)

Fly safe and have fun!