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06-09-2011, 12:38 PM
1. Yes if you are using power to weapons
2. Fast travel is borg engine. Id stick with ageis since you have the hole set.
3. Again Id go with ageis, you have the hole set. But only keep it if it fits your sci abilities.
4. Everyone has different setting. For me unless Im running a shield strip/torp set up then I always go 100 weapon power.

A few other things, that Sci team 3 isnt as good as your tss3, you could get great hull heal with a hazard emitter 3. And then a sci team 1 or 2. Im also assuming that transfer shield you have listed is really extend shield. If it was me Id drop the power to weapons go 100 weapon power, and pick up a Eng team 1.

Also, that bio function console is not doing you anything. Crew as of right now means nothing. Nothing at all. And maybe grind some emblems and get the console to boost shields by a %