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06-09-2011, 01:38 PM
I have a suggestion. I use a similar setup in C&H but on a Nebula-R. It's extremely hard to take down. If it were me I'd focus your Tac officer on something like Beam: Target Engines 2 or Beam: Target Shields 2. Possibly couple that with BFAW I. I'd also drop Tachyon beam for CPB. I suggested 2 copies of Emergency Power to Shields because you can chain them and keep them going all the time. On the other hand, if you feel like running a higher shield power and minimum Auxiliary you can always switch both those copies to EPTA I. If you max your efficiency and performance in Auxiliary that should give you a power level of about 90 (thereabouts) if you run the minimum allowable Aux setting of 25. On my Nebula-R I run 114 to weapons, 106 to shields, 51 to engines and 90 to Auxiliary. I actually use 2 engineers and chain dual EPTS 2 and dual EPTA 1 to keep them up all the time. This setup below should allow you to run a good Aux and shield power setting. It will also allow you to set your weapons to maximum power. Perfect for taking a beating and giving some back.

Bridge Officers:

Science Cmdr.:
Feedback Pulse III
Transfer Shield Strength IIII
Science Team II
Hazard Emitters I

Lt. Cmdr. Science:
CPB II (I prefer Photonic Shockwave BUT you could go Gravity Well or Scramble Sensors here)
Science Team II
Hazard Emitters I or Tractor Beam I

Lt. Engineering:
Aux to Structural I

Ensign Engineering:

Lt. Tactical:
Beam Target Engines II or Beam Target Shields II or BFAW II

Have fun!