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06-09-2011, 12:38 PM
My Sci was in the MVAE for a while, the LtCom sci slot felt right for a sci officer compared to the other escorts.

I built with cannons and torps, used sci team, hazard emitters and photonic shockwave for the sci skills.

This way I didn't have to invest quite as heavily in Sci Skills, photonic shockwave isn't affected by auxillary, so that helps. Sci Team I don't use for the heal, I use it to remove debuffs and I HE I try to keep up all the time just because it helps clear up that bleedthrough damage.

My original MVAE built used Polaron cannons and transphasic torps. Before you boo, it was a test idea that actually worked out well.

Yes Quantums deal much more damage, but the big issue with PvP these days is breaking shields. Everyone stacks shield heals. You can spend hours pounding on a ships shields and see little progress. My idea was to boost Trans Torps as high as i could, since 20% of their damage breaks through the shields you can actually take out an opponent who relies on his shields for survival.

I went with polaron instead of AP simply because I like the drain effect.

I use EPtS and Engie Team (mostly to cure system failures). I have Tac Team, Torp Spread and HYT. Cannon RF and Scatter. Omega Pattern and Beta Pattern.

Although the build was never final, it was working quite well. I kept turrets in the rear, and 2 torp/cannons in front.

I flew the ship like a hit and run vessel. Fly in, preferrably from the side, and empty everything as I pass. Let the turrets do extra dmg as I move away to prepare for a second run.

The interesting thing about Torpedo spread is that with Transphasics it can be surprisingly mean. Sensor scan helps drop resistances so you end up dealing more torp damage.

I was laughed at a few times when I showed up with that build, but it came out more effective than even I thought it would be. I was of the mind, if I am going to stick my Sci Officer in an MVAE, then why not just be unique.

The first time I popped an intrepid that had full shields I couldn't help by give an evil grin. I got on his tail and stayed there. With dampening field it helped keep me alive to finish him off. Photonic Fleet often adds enough distraction to help keep them busy so they don't realize how much damage the hull is taking despite their stacking shield heals.

There was plenty of room to grow the build, it needed a little help for survival and any ship that could heal the hull caused the fight to drag on, but for a first draft test build it worked better than anyone expected.

Anyway, sorry to rant on but i think there is plenty of potential for Sci in an Escort.