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06-09-2011, 12:38 PM
Originally Posted by manlai View Post
I'm thinking about going the escort route with my sci since the t5 sci ships aren't really wowwing me. I'm thinking about the MVAE and running 3 dbb's and a torp up front and i guess 3 arrays in the back. Any thoughts anyone?

As far as abilities, I'll probably go Polarize Hull 2 and Sci Team 1... still trying to decide on a good offensive ability for that LC sci slot. I'm trying to decide between a drain/sap ability (like ES or Tachyon, for example) or a push ability like TBR or PSW (for longer forward arc damage)? I'll use an engi station for hull heals, either AuxSIF or ET along with EPtS.
You'd really be much better off with Dual Heavy Cannons in the front (and maybe 1 DBB for Beam Overload). The Beam Arrays in the back are fine, just be careful to watch your power drain if you use FAW.

A lot of people use PSW as their LtC Sci slot. Personally, I'd go for either SciTeam 1/TSS 2/Hazard 3 or SciTeam 1/Hazard 2/TSS 3. A dead Escort isn't going to be killing anyone But I always overbuild towards survivability, so take that with a grain of salt.