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06-09-2011, 12:40 PM
Honestly I don't really know why you would think that these skills aren't helpful in the first place you get hull buffs, manuevering bonuses, damage resistance, and other goodies who cares if you don't have tac skills I put them all up to 7. Especially the damage resistance and extra hull for a science ship who has paper hull in the first place. If you have any intention of using damage reduction powers especially if they are applied directly to hull and not shields then these skills are useful. Plus I mean sci ships are base line more manueverable than cruisers base why would you want to have your sci ship turn slower than a cruiser and well slower than an escort just because they dumped their points into these skills and added a manuevering RCS Accelerator console to their ships? Also your manueverability directly impacts your starships defense rating. Why wouldn't you put the points in them it's a 100 each point?

In addition, why is everyone so concerned lately about charged particle burst that power really used to stink was there an update i missed on it?