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06-09-2011, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by jordy_verrill View Post
My rationale was: Picard was a Red Shirt, but he flew
the Enterprise & that doesn't look like an Escort to me.
Yes and Worf was a Yellow Shirt and didnt look like an engineer.
The meaning of the Clorors in game and in the Series are not the same.

To the Tac/Cruiser combination: I thing that combination sucks. Well with the Excelsior you might have some success.... because i thing that ship was build those hundrets of players who used that combination, sucked and startet to whine.

I didnt PVP for a while, but when I did (as a BOP pilot before season 1 I did level entirely though PVP) a tac cruiser was always the first targert; he doesnt deliver the damage to kill you and cant survive. And I was never beaten by a Tac Cruiser in 1 vs 1, not even in 1 vs 2 on several occasions. But they may have changed that since it seems that half of the players are Tac cruisers and those are usually those who shout "PVP is unbalanced".
And in STO those who are the loudest get what they want....

To pve.... of course it works in PVE. With a cruiser in PVE I engage Autofire, set the ship on course and go doing other stuff until the mission is finished by itself. And no, I'm not joking.