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06-09-2011, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by jordy_verrill View Post
My rationale was: Picard was a Red Shirt, but he flew
the Enterprise & that doesn't look like an Escort to me.

Technically, Picard was a science officer in a cruiser. Mackenzie Calhoun (from New Frontier) is a tactical officer in a cruiser though (Ambassador class Excalibur and Galaxy II (Galaxy Retrofit?) class Excalibur-A). The times Riker was in charge, he'd be a tactical officer in a cruiser.. or tactical officer in a science vessel, if you follow Star Trek: Titan.

It's just that, prior to 2409 (where Star Trek Online takes place), if you were in charge of a starship, it didn't matter what division and colours you wore prior. You wore red. Or, in Kirk's era, gold.