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06-09-2011, 12:42 PM
Its really not as complex as people are making it sound. A cruiser is going to behave the same regardless of who is captain. The majority of a ships effectiveness is in its weapons and bridge officer arrangement. And this doesn't change with the captain type.

The only things that should factor into your choice are the few useful captain skills. In your case not being an Engineer will cost you that skills. Rotate Shield Frequency, EPS Power Transfer, Nadion Inversion, and Miracle Worker. All powerful defense and healing skills. but they will be replaced with Attack Pattern Alpha, Fire on my Mark, Tactical Initiative, and Go down fighting. If the loss or having any of these skills is a deal breaker for you then so should the build.

The only other minor consideration to factor in is officer training. Youll find as a tac officer training your BO's in the rare trainable tier 3 skills a real pain without the support of friends or a guild. Alone this can be a major hurdle and source of frustration. With a good network of help and friends this is a non factor.