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06-09-2011, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by Ursa
Here is my throw in on this. First, i'm Very new player. less than 2 weeks. I thought I'd be neat and use a cruiser + tac officer with good weaapons on my heavy armored ship. It was fail. Pure Fail.
I could barely solo 3 even con enemies, and even when I did it took 10 minutes to kill them.

I bought a 2nd ship (thank you exchange!) and got a proper escort class, with full mk 4 weapons and consoles, and was able to use my tac bo in the LT slot and What a difference it makes. I can clear a 3 spawn of +1 cruisers or battleships in under 3 minutes. I'm fast, I hit hard and that heavy payload torpedo is just amazing.

I figure, if I want to tank, i can always create an engineering officer, (which i did with my klingon).
Really at such a low level as you are I would recommend escorts over cruisers. Cruisers become much more robust when they have more weapons slots. Once you get to RA you get 8 weapon slots and really that is when they start to show their usefulness. Around Capt they are pretty good but before that I would go escort.