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06-09-2011, 12:42 PM
I've been a Tac/Cruiser captain since Day 1 and its just fine. The difference with a Tac/Cruiser and a Eng/Cruiser is that the Tac/Cruiser can dish out a little more damage whereas an Eng/Cruiser can take a little more damage. On paper it's pretty much a push in a head to head matchup.

In the end, both PVP and PVE wise, it just depends on what you want to be. Let me use football analogies. The Eng/Cruiser is the equivalent of an offensive lineman, he will take all the damage and keeps the game-changers safe and gets minimal glory for it. The Tac/Cruiser is a defensive lineman, he can get to the QB and dish out some pain but he can also be effectively taken out of the gameplan with some proper enemy tactics.

In my opinion the Tac/Cruiser is a little more risky than the Eng/Cruiser, but the risk/reward for being a Tac Cruiser is viable and with the right BOff layout you can be one angry S.O.B. Obviously if you get ganked by 5 Klinks in PVP you'll go down if you dont haul it out of there immediately, but really not much is going to survive that scenario anyway so don't worry about it that much and if you're roaming alone or away from your fleet in PVP you deserve that happening to you.

If you're a Tac/Cruiser captain I'd recommend grabbing a Sovereign or the Excelsior-R, and probably steer clear of the Star Cruisers unless you REALLY want some extra science buffs. While you're technically a support craft, you're gearing yourself to be a support craft that can be an offensive beast when the word is given. Just learn your craft and plan accordingly and a supporting cast you can be a good game-changer.