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06-09-2011, 12:42 PM
I personally fly a Tac/Cruiser combo. Every PVP queue I've done I have been second on damage below only decent Tac/Escort pilots.

Survivability wise I take escort spikes like a champ and return in kind with Tetryon/Quantum's. It's all in Bridge Officers.

EPTS (Emergency Power to Shields III) on both of your engineering bridge officers makes or breaks a Tac/Cruiser. With Engineering teams on both of them. Followed by Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield Strength II on your science officer. to pickup any slack left behind EPTS and ET. Then whatever skills you feel you want in leftover slots.

Tactical Officers should run Beam Overload I, Torpedo: High Yield, and Beam: Target Shields

All this on an assault cruiser running Tetryon Pulse Generator, Zero Point Quantum Chamber, and Directed Energy Distribution Manifold tac consoles, with 2x Field Emitters, EPS Flow Requlator, and Field Generators.

I compared after respeccing and a full broadside from a Tac cruiser matches, possibly exceeds a tac escorts spike. Each of my beam array's push 700 dps unmodified by Attack Pattern Alpha, Tactical Fleet, and Go down fighting, not to mention Emergency Power to Weapons if I'm not getting targeted.

Mathematically each beam array spiking with all abilities can push roughly 1300 DPS each, times 6 equals about 7800 DPS from your broadside alone. Coupled with Beam overload and a weapon battery with a quick turn for a torp high yield can bring a tactical to less than half hull.

The only forseeable reason a Tac Escorts spike can be higher is Commander level tac officer with Attack Pattern Omega III, and Torpedo High Yield III.