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06-09-2011, 12:42 PM
I've been reading and re-reading this thread for many days now. I'm a newbie to the STO multiverse, but I'm a big fan of MMO's and an even bigger fan of RPG's - I've always played my RPG's with an emphasis on the RP.

I absolutely love the customization and the overall 'package' of building your character: from career choice, ship choice, bridge officer's, traits, etc. It's a much more layered approach to characterization than any MMO I've played - and I've been fortunate enough to have exposure to quite a handful.

The reason these comments/questions appear in this thread has to do with the character 'build' of Tactical Officer commanding a Cruiser. I absolutely love playing the support/tank/healer class in MMO's - I get no greater thrill than leading a group to success, or being a dutiful follower playing an essential, but unique, role in making the difference. The cruiser seems to fill this role perfectly. However, I also have a difficult time wanting to roll a Science Officer/Engineer because, in my RP mind, a Tactical Officer is more befitting of leadership, since tactics often refer to all resources and especially the human/humanoid kind. Science deals with the realm of ideas and concepts and theories; and Engineers deal with technology/systems and the practical exploitation/application of theoretical knowledge. Keep in mind, this is my belief of the philosophy or back-story any one of those 'professions' [Sci/Eng] would have going into starfleet academy. Thus, after deciding the cruiser was for me - the role of the cruiser appeard to suit my play style - I gravitate towards a Tactical Officer. The other careers are all well and good, just not my vibe.

Lemme shoot to the chase....

When you created your Tac's, did you have in mind they would be in Cruisers? If so, did that affect the traits you chose? Did you choose traits that would, perhaps, be more fitting for a cruiser than an escort? Say, Elusive versus Accurate? I will be taking a human for my race, primarily for RP reasons, thus certain traits are out of my element, donnie [elusive, efficient, come to mind]. Was thinking along the lines of picking Warp Theorist and either Accurate or Lucky.

Also, to what extend do Tac/Cruiser builds change anything a Tac/Escort build would do on the Ground? I understand you can have Bridge Officer load-outs for ground combat and space combat, but not so for Captain skill choice. Do Tac/Cruisers avoid - where possible - ground combat? One of the big pluses to rollin' a Tac is that I've felt a bit 'lost' on ground combat with an Engineer - albeit, I've not much experience in the game.

Any thoughts or comments would be lovingly embraced - I've been spending hours pouring over any information I can find regarding all of my comments/concerns. And I think it's time to start a dialogue about them. This thread seems perfect for that, since it concerns Tac/Cruisers.