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Hello there,

I just hit VA and this is my current build:

I'm running a TER that focuses on plasma and disruptor cannons. In PvP I last just a few seconds on the first pass of other ships. most of my shots are doing ~100 dmg a hit (occasionally I'll see a spike of 1200 but its not very often.)

Ship equipment:
Plasma dual cannons XI [critD] [critH]* 3
Disruptor Heavy cannon XI [critD] [critH]

Plasma Beam Array * 3

Deflector array MK XII

Hyper impulse MK XII[turn]

Covariant shields mk IX [cap]x2

ablative plating Mk X (uncommon)
Shield emitter XI (uncommon)

science consoles
Halon System X
Biofunction Monitor XI

Prefire Chamber XI (rare)
Plasma Infuser XI *2(uncommon)
Disruptor Induction Coil (uncommon)

any thoughts about how I can improve my survivability? It sucks being the focus of attention in PvP and dying in just a few seconds.