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Originally Posted by decoy26517 View Post
Hello there,

I just hit VA and this is my current build:

I'm running a TER that focuses on plasma and disruptor cannons. In PvP I last just a few seconds on the first pass of other ships. most of my shots are doing ~100 dmg a hit (occasionally I'll see a spike of 1200 but its not very often.)

Ship equipment:
Plasma dual cannons XI [critD] [critH]* 3
Disruptor Heavy cannon XI [critD] [critH]

Plasma Beam Array * 3

Deflector array MK XII

Hyper impulse MK XII[turn]

Covariant shields mk IX [cap]x2

ablative plating Mk X (uncommon)
Shield emitter XI (uncommon)

science consoles
Halon System X
Biofunction Monitor XI

Prefire Chamber XI (rare)
Plasma Infuser XI *2(uncommon)
Disruptor Induction Coil (uncommon)

any thoughts about how I can improve my survivability? It sucks being the focus of attention in PvP and dying in just a few seconds.
Trade 2 of the DC's with DH'c, and get a torpedo

Trade the aft beam arrays for either 3 turrets or 2 turrets and an aft torp. The readon for this is you get greater forward DPS. Since most of your firepower is in the front, anyway, adding a little extra helps that much more.

Mk XII provides nothing in the way of benefits over Mk XI. Consider the Aegis set to start. Upgrade all uncommon consoles to rare. Replace the Biofunction Monitor with the Borg universal console.

Disruptor induction coil? Did you mean that Plasma console you get with the Oberth? Put that in place of the Halon console. The jump you get in aux power will more than make up for the loss of the Halon, even though it's just a glorified battery.

Replace the Field Emitter console with the Field Generator. The +35% shield capacity more than makes up for the extra +7 power.

Add 2 additional Plasma Infuser XI

What's your Bridge Officer station loadout look like? Also, how you specced while levelling up is very important.