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06-09-2011, 02:15 PM
I'd go with BO 3 any day.

BTS: Shields can easily be overriden by a battery, EngTeam, or transferring power to shields.
Some people say that BO 3 is too much of a gamble, as it can miss - but BTSS is worse, it can not only miss, most of the time it doesn't remove shields at all. ANd you still don't have the off chance for a deadly critical.

If you want to drain something, drain engines or aux. Engines means the enemy is at a minimum slower, that means easier to hit, that means more damage and potentially better critical hits. And Auxillary Power drain is a bane to science vessels.

I think BTSW might be interesting to use against Escorts and Cruisers, but too many people have energy buffs to compensate I suppose. (Though I am not entirely sure how drain and buffs interact.)