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With that in mind, I specifcally set out to limit the 'homogenization aspects' of it in two ways. The first is obvious and definite, I built the proposal with a pretty steep cost. Under this proposal a Federation commander can bounce over to the KDF, buy himself a Bird of Prey, and then bounce back to Starfleet, but at a total cost of double the price of one of the C-Store ships, triple the cost if the ship itself has a C-Store cost, like the B'Rel-R. This should prevent it from becoming wide spread or prevalent and thus limit the damage to the 'feel' of the game and if this turns out to be insufficient we can add additional limitations such as a 30 day cool down between faction switches or a complete wiping of your character's emblems. The second is a little less obvious but, this is not a proposal that suggests the addition of duplicate ships that match aesthetically with the faction. For some that may be a draw, but I suspect the people who actually want to fly a ship in the wrong fleet are a very small portion of the total population. A man who wants to fly an "Akira Carrier" might accept the Voqov or Kafiri carriers as good enough for the moment, but I suspect he'd be as adamantly opposed to the compromise as Mister_Dee is against just giving the KDF a DSSV-R.
I applaud your attempts to try to think of solutions for the Klingon Empire content problem. However, I don't think your proposal really helps the Klingon Empire attain more Klingon content. That is what the Klingon faction needs (at least in my opinion). I don't foresee Federation Players volunteering to switch to a faction with less content. Sure, some might do it for the sake of something different, but given the option, I think many that were really interested would just roll a Klingon character and save themselves 500 emblems, especially if they planned on switching back.

You somewhat concede that this isn't something that most Klingons are going to do. If this is something that won't be beneficial to the majority of the faction, I can't see why it would be implemented as a measure to help the Klingons. I'd prefer the Devs spent the time that it'd take to implement this to work on other content for Klingons, or failing that, do something both factions can enjoy.

Allowing players to flip back and forth between the factions doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I realize there is a high cost associated with the proposal, but I can't see the Klingons allowing traitors to return to the Empire after defecting and engaging in war against them.

I don't know that I would quit over this proposal should it go live, but I don't care for it. You may be limiting the amount of actual defections with the associated cost, but you are still stripping the Klingons further of what little uniqueness they have left (yes, this is a homogenization argument). If it came up for a vote, I'd vote against it. If it was put into the game, I might stick around to see what the impact is, but if it became at all commonplace, I wouldn't hesitate to leave.