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Originally Posted by raaven616 View Post
Hard pressed to take out one KDF amongst a gang of them LOL. Look guys I understand what your saying. However I just won't be some one's punching bag.. Its not in me to let people pound on me. You don't learn a damn thing with three or four people constantly gunning you down..

You do learn doing 1v1 and even 2v1.. but when there's an armada of KDF on your ass.. I'm sorry thats just not practicle to stick around. Especially if you respawn and your getting nailed on top of the respawn pt from all sides, which happens with cracked planet alot. If there's only two or three Feds vs six or eight KDF.. yeah I'll just stay and collect merits. It would be no different if feds out numbered a KDF team 7 to 2 and camped a KDF station.. its just not fun being on the end of that kind of game play. I don't believe in camping a spawn, I don't believe in trash talking an outnumbered team. I guess thats just a sense of fair play that I have. Shoot me if I don't hold to some of your personal ideals about how this game is played and how I should play it.

That aside, again I am greatful for the assistence rendered to get me on the straight and narrow with a build.
Hmmm... you say that "you don't learn a damn thing..." and that is a problem. If "three or four people" are attacking you ask yourself why you are in that position. Are you working with others as a team? Are you communicating to that team? Why are you in a situation by yourself and multiple opponents? Also spawn camping mostly happens when you don't move away from the spawn point or don't move away far enough before engaging the enemy. Unless you are in a C&H you shouldn't be in a 7 vs 2; teams in arenas are mostly even, i say mostly because there are some who warp out . So yeah, I'd say there are a lot of lessons to be learned that you haven't yet. It isn't all space bar pounding and mouse clicking. And your sense of "fair play" seems like a buffet where you pick and choose what you like. I mean spawn camping is bad but ruining a match by leaving because you are losing isn't?