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06-09-2011, 07:07 PM
Forgive my post if it seems a bit disjointed. I started writing this before I got the kids ready for bed, and then finished after they went to bed. I'm not going to do a long quote, but here are some of my responses.

If one of the goals of this system is a solution to the level grind in the hopes of getting more players to play Klingons, why not just allow players to make a Klingon LG after reaching VA? After all, they are skipping the Klingon experience, such as it is, up until some point at Captain or RA. I'm not really in favor of that solution, but I'd rather keep the Klingon Empire dominated by Klingon, Orion, Nausican, etc. characters.

How many players do you really think would defect? If the Klingon Empire really only represents about 12% of the players in the game, how many Federation players would have to defect to inflate the size of the Empire to make it worth the Devs while to then create additional Klingon content down the line? It seems to me that a change of a percentage point or two wouldn't cut it. You'd need a lot larger numbers than that. I doubt it would happen, but supposed you doubled the size of the Empire with Federation players so that the Empire is now 24% of the player base, isn't that kind of counterproductive? Federation ships and characters would be just as common as Klingon characters. In that case, you've effectively turned the Klingon faction into something else.

Under this plan, why would the Devs ever be incentivized to make more Klingon leveling content if the new players are just those that defected from the Federation? It seems they wouldn't need to.

Even though it might not be level appropriate for a Klingon LG, I do enjoy new Klingon missions at lower levels for my Klingon LG. When they released those new 8 missions last summer, my main character was on a level that exceeded the play for nearly all of them, but I loved playing them regardless. New Klingon content at any level is new Klingon content and stories that flesh out the Klingon experience. I disagree that the Klingon content complaint is solely directed at leveling. It is not just a race to LG. I want missions that are from the Klingon perspective. I don't care what level they make them. The disparity of missions (50 something to 8 depending on how you count) means that a Federation player has a ton of Federation story episodes and can have a healthy Federation experience. Klingon players can't claim the same at this point.

My concerns about homogenization are legit. I don't like it. I don't see it as inevitable, as you seem to. I see the result of this proposal as either not doing enough to draw players to the Klingon faction or going to far the opposite way. You might as well just make two generic factions that have access to everything in my opinion if that is the route you are going to go instead of focusing on making the Klingon faction and a Federation faction.