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06-09-2011, 09:22 PM
Originally Posted by Victory275 View Post
Hmmm... you say that "you don't learn a damn thing..." and that is a problem. If "three or four people" are attacking you ask yourself why you are in that position. Are you working with others as a team? Are you communicating to that team? Why are you in a situation by yourself and multiple opponents? Also spawn camping mostly happens when you don't move away from the spawn point or don't move away far enough before engaging the enemy. Unless you are in a C&H you shouldn't be in a 7 vs 2; teams in arenas are mostly even, i say mostly because there are some who warp out . So yeah, I'd say there are a lot of lessons to be learned that you haven't yet. It isn't all space bar pounding and mouse clicking. And your sense of "fair play" seems like a buffet where you pick and choose what you like. I mean spawn camping is bad but ruining a match by leaving because you are losing isn't?
Victory275. well of late, since the getting some new things, and modified a few bridge officers, I'm more durrable so I last a bit longer. Today I ended up being the last target of the matches so yeah I ended up being in the middle of a "Custer's Last Stand" scenario. Thats ok.. I dont mind that. Thats a now win situation so I try to hang tight until reenforcements arrive back from spawning. If I don't, hey thems the breaks. I've gotten use to that Bop Ram and fire routine and come up with a decent counter to it when I think its in the works.

As to the battles... Let me tell you of an old saying... "Pick your battles don't let the battles pick you"