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06-09-2011, 10:57 PM
As far as i can tell, you were un-aware of just how to play your ship. Let me give you a few pointers(from a BoP captain)

1- A BoP has an average of 5 seconds at peak firepower, after 15 or so seconds the tide turns against him
2- to stop a BoP in his tracs use photonic shockwave, then tractor beam or gravity well him, and if you can warp plasma
3- dont be alone, a BoP ambush is tough to survive 1 on 1, and BoPs work best in Squads

A clever BoP captain can get out of most situations, i actually renamed my Ship the IKS GINGERBREAD MAN for my knack of getting out by the skin of my teeth. My experience is that i am not hard to kill, just hard to catch long enough to kill.