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... We can use names of Star Trek Characters in the stories as Cameos or Homages to the characters in the Star Trek owned Properties stated in the agreement. But we may not use the actors actual names or likeness.

When it mentions historical figures, does it mean the likeness or the names. because there are many names of people who are not historical figures, but have the same name?

SO if we have an NPC that is a ancestor of the historical figure, that is not the actual historical figure.

Because Tiberius Kirk is an actual historical figure.

Also, the name 'Enterprise' is not owned by Star Trek, CBS, Paramount. It is the name of a US Aircraft Carrier. That cannot be copyrighted. That means the name is not the property of anyone or any entity. If I am a plank owner (USS George Washington CVN-73) of a ship in the US navy, by law I am an owner of the ship. So if I use that name, and I am a plank owner by law, I should be able to use the name.

The original 13 ships of the Star Fleet were named after the 13 original ships in the US navy in 1775. The formation of the US Navy predates the declaration of Independence, because the US Navy was founded by the Continental Congress in 1775.

This is why all the 13 ships have the number 17XX in the Navy Commissioning Code or NCC. Every ship in the US Navy is a commissioned officer. This is why when you cross a Quarterdeck on a ship you must turn and salute the ensign of the ship (Flag). That is why ships have commissioning ceremony and a decommissioning ceremony. The original crew for the commissioning by law is reward as a 'plank-owner'.

Also, the initials USS which means United States not a copyright-able name or title. Which is why they used it in the show. Also, the Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise was commissioned in 1967, but the construction started at Newport News Shipyard in 1965. Which coincided with the Original Series Launch in 1966. That was the first Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier, and the first ship to experiment around with the Aegis type radar. Although they did not call it that then.

Plank owners are by law owners of the ship forever.

Three of those ships, Enterprise, Lexington, and Yorktown were in the battle of Midway in WWII.

Also, two of those are named after battles in the revolutionary war.

Also, I see people using the named USS Arizona in the game. The ship is still a commissioned as a US warship. I thought it was against the law to use the name USS Arizona and USS Maine to represent any ship because it is a war memorial for the people who died on the ship. And, USS Constitution is still a commissioned ship, and so is the USS Constellation.

If we cannot use historical figures or names, isn't the agreement in violation of the law? And if the ships name's are not owned buy any person or any corporation, then how can that be in violation of the EULA since none of the entities in the agreement own those names.

As an example:

If I have a ship named 'June' which comes from the Greek name 'ιουνίους' which is both an historical figure and a religious figure, does that violate the EULA?

However, government names cannot be copyrighted, which is why they used the names in the first place in Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry was a navy veteran.