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# 99 Ihnoc's Haven
06-10-2011, 01:20 AM
Ihnoc produces a smile that broadens only for a moment. He then leans forward, pouring a new glass of pear cider into his glass. Whether the alcohol is synthahol or not isn't immediately obvious; certainly his body language remains as stoic as it was. When done pouring, he leans back, takes a sip and then chuckles momentarily.

“Somewhere I go to feel at home? A haven you say? That's a good one,” Ihnoc starts, “I'll have to think about that.” Ihnoc looks into the glass for a moment, swills the contents then takes another sip. “The observation lounge. That's where I'm in my element, aside from the bridge of course. So many times I've sat around that table with a people I've never met, trying to explain who we are and what we can achieve together.”

“It's not always like that. We planned several counter-attacks there too. The Borg, the Romulans, the Undine. They all met some sort of demise thanks to the cushy chairs in that room. It's got this irony about it; a strange duality of purpose that reflects the ship and where the Federation itself is now. One day, I'll be inviting the various species from System Alpha Sigma 12 for First Contact, the next sharing blood wine with a forward thinking Klingon General and rounding out the week with a bitter argument with our new Borg drone.”

“That room has tables and chairs, drinks and conversation but it isn't Ten Forward. It isn't a place I go to relax or to chat with my crew. The lounge is the place I go to get things done, be they meeting new people or planning defence against an old people. It's where things happen even if sometimes I'm the only person there.”