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06-10-2011, 02:46 AM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post
Ah.. But as Stryker mentioned..

Do you really kill those people (ie: Would they have died if you were alone with them?), or was it that escort with a 3rd of your damage that punched a HYT through the shields?

Even my Single Cannon equipped Cruiser have more effective DPS than a lolFAW boat spacebar spamming himself through a match.

In any case, FAW is broken and will be fixed eventually.. And then, all these "uber" cruisers will be reduced to lowDPS nonfactors instead of highDPS nonfactors.

Broken skills doesnt make for skilled PvPers.
FAW boat cruisers killed pvp. I have not set foot in a pvp match in the past month or two. Namely because its not fun and doesn't emphasize skill. When it is fixed, the PvE people who came to pvp will quit. Also, the low skill PvPer's who since this FAW came out think high and mighty will go back to being killed again. Believing your all that becaue of a broken skill just means you don't understand the scope of PvP.

Easier to show the difference in numbers. My escort does for sake 95 percent damage to 1 ships hull. While your cruiser does the remaining 5 percent. Whose kill is that? Mine or yours? Now, your doing 5 percent to 5 ships maybe. When I get done with the first one I will do the other 95 percent on the next one. So even though your racking up 5 percents, they keep healing that 5 percent and its a back and forth deal. Where as I have left them dead and move on.