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06-10-2011, 03:25 AM
Originally Posted by H.Ramone
i know what they mean, but when i see that i'm doing damage to 3 ships directly to the hull and they all melt down i guess it's me who's killing them (in a pug team with the usual failboats). i have to admit that most ppl. don't know how to setup a powerfull faw cruiser. mostly they don't even do the damage that i did without faw .
against PUGs I can get kills with a SV running 25 weaponpower, and I can end 1st in damage.. will post pic momentarily.

let me ask you.. can you melt 3 ships at once, when theyre flown by decent PvPers?


The promised pic

Note how even though I outdamage everyone in the match, I have less kills that the escort with 7XXk damage?

Though I "won" that match, I had far less effective damage than the escort, and thus, was less successful (100k damage per kill for me vs ~50-60k damage per kill for the Escort.)

Artifically inflating your damage (and kills - Which FAW does) isnt the same as the ship is being more effective.

My Escort can punch out (with a little luck) around 150k damage in less than 10 secs.