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06-10-2011, 05:06 AM
Originally Posted by StrykerV
No, we are arguing that it does insane damage but its an inflated number. Once FAW is fixed, you'll never again obtain damage total as with the current version. When we take away this inflating DPS, your true skills will come out and one will be able to see their true worth.
well, i'm not talking about a fix which is in a galaxy, far far away, i'm talking about the current state of this skill.

Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post
I know you can do insane damage in a cruiser with FAW.. I kinda posted the first "guide" to it in the forums, back before the masses figured out how lame and easy it is.

I used to use it exclusively on my cruisers back when it was a "bad" skill.. After they broke it, Ive flown a FAW cruiser all of three times (in one match I scored 15 kills, had 750k damage, 0 deaths and I was *parked* for half that match, in the middle of the enemy premade, only moving to follow the fight)

I also know that a FAW boat alone cannot do squat against decent players.. And well, today pengcorts seem to be quite popular.. Atleast among the "I cant compete without OPd skills" faction.
well, no single player can compete with a full team of decent players.

well, at least we all think that this skill is broken. if i can do more (alot more) damage on my faw cruiser than on my escort and that i think that the enemy team have more problems to handle with the damage of my faw cruiser is more or less pointless. it's difficult to give hard facts since it's a bit subjective and maybe sometimes situational or could just simply mean that i suck on my escort. the only way i can see is to have a couple of matches in the same team against the same guys with no changes except escort <-> faw cruiser with the same player behind it. whatever, i'm too lazy to find 9 ppl and test this out .... and there is a sweet french girl who wanna drink a coffee with me in about 20 mins, so i really have to go. cya later