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06-10-2011, 08:27 AM
The Excelsiors Tactical options are better than on any other cruiser IMHO.
Being able to use Lt.Cmdr. Tac BO abilities opens a whole new dimension to that cruiser, which is inaccessible to other cruisers.

It's sad that other cruisers (that are much bigger and newer) are refused to have such an offensive potential like that old bucket has.

After the FAW issue is solved, Beam Overload III and Fire at Will III will be typical Cruiser abilities again, only few escorts will use Beam arrays anymore, so those two abilities are virtually accessible to only one ship.... not to speak of Attack pattern Omega which would be a nice addition to a cruisers offensive/Defensive abilities IMHO.

Personally i find it very sad that STO is still too much splitted into that lame Tank, Damage Dealer and Wizard MMO thing. (At least for a star trek game)

Live long and prosper.