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06-10-2011, 10:15 AM
thanks for all the insight all. i wont use FAW until its fixed, i have a BO with FAW2,3 sitting. so...

i was thinking of going this route...

TT1, Target Engines2, BO3 (but i have a few tac BO's with target whatever3, HY3 ect...)

EPTW1 (unsure about to copies of each)

TSS1, HE2 (possibly trac beam1 and TSS2 if i can keep my hull up with engie power)

all mkXI purp antiproton beams and quants

and as mentioned before, i like knowing who i kill, and choosing when i pop off BO3 and let a torp fly is nice in this ship, it actually turns. i dished out btb crits with BO3 on a DBB and a quantum hit totalling over 40k damage. it happened in 2 seconds as i was 2 clicks from the target. that was fun. and the target engines and whatever... i love being part of the group tactical equasion...not a mindless dps circle pilot. and im glad to give up whatever else might go there...or switch out based on the situation.

the reason im gravitating towards the ship is my escort piloting needs much work. im great with sci and cruisers, and i see people pulling off incredible burst in front of me, and too just cant pull off the timing. gonna try again with my new upcoming engie captain.

and i spent forever in the fleet escort dual heavied and CRF'd out. figured it was the engie heavy escort, like the excelsior is the tac heavy know?

anywho, thanks too all for your build posts, im a going testing....

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