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06-10-2011, 05:59 PM
First off, this should've been asked on the PvP or the Federation Escort Forum, there are experienced PvPers who can give you top notch info.

With Tac Consoles, most would say go with Beam / Cannon Consoles than Torpedo Consoles, since Energy Weapons are going to be your mainstay. So in your case its Phaser Replay Consoles.

With Bridge Officers for the MVAM Prometheus:


Have at least 2 Tactical Team 1s for survivability
Don't carry 3 High Yield Torpedo abilities, carry either 1 or 2.
You need Pattern Omega (either 1 or 3)

I'd probably go Rapid Fire 3, Omega 1, HY2 or Rapid 1, HY1 or TT1

Engineering: Emergency Shield 1 and 2, If you want quick escapes, replace Shield 1 with Engine 1.

Science: Gotta have Hazzard Emitters and Transfer Shields for heals. LTC slot, you can go CPB2, Repulsor 2, Hazzard 3, TSS3 (Free with Reman BO), or Photonic Shockwave.