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06-10-2011, 09:36 PM
As far as I'm aware there is some incorrect info in there, and some missing info.

I know defense soft caps somewhere, I believe 75%, meaning no matter what your defense or their accuracy, your opponent will only have a 25% miss chance, worst case. This I am pretty sure is something snix posted on the forums somewhere, and was very easy to see with stacked defense buffs and values that could reach well over 100% defense values in the past, yet you were never unhittable with that.

Also, the 26 impulse speed cap is old info. It was changed when defense values were nerfed and escorts got the bonus defense. I believe the cap is 24 now (unless it changed again and I missed it) and the speed defense bonus is lower along with that as well, 45% now, I believe. Easy to test in any case.

Something to note, the -15% defense penalty for full stop is unrealistic to even see in practice based on my own testing, unless someone manually stops their ship. Even tractored, if they still have engine power, they will be moving, albeit very slowly, and won't ever actually have that penalty. Another note on this, the -15% is guaranteed if that ship is at full stop, no matter what static defense bonuses you have (like elusive trait), but if you have even a little speed, all those static bonuses get applied immediately and fully.