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# 153 S4: Borg
06-11-2011, 02:34 PM
Here is a taste of what we get to deal with in Season 4 in regards to the Borg:

Systems:•The Borg have been updated:
•Borg now adapt to your weapons on a per-player, by energy type basis.
•Use a new Frequency Remodulator to clear Borg adaptation to your ground weapons (or fight hand-to-hand).
•The Frequency Modulator is available in your ship replicator
•Borg assimilation applies a long-term debuff that can cause you to become assimilated, in which case your character becomes a Borg drone and starts attacking allies on its own.
•Borg now have shields by default, except for the ensign-level drones.
•Borg neural suppressant hold duration and chance has been reduced.
•Assimilation no longer causes random holds.