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06-11-2011, 05:27 PM
Who knows what may come about the torpedo and even the energy weapon revamp.

Photon Torpedo firing rates doesn't really matter when your manuvering, in which your better off with Quantums. So they should probablly get something like an energy blast effect that deals minor damage to shields, while retaining a moderate kinetic damage.

Chroniton's need to reflect more of the ones used in Voyager than a "slow" proc, in which it's more like what the Hargh'Peng is. (Shield Bypass with Radiation proc and secondary detonation).

Transphasics need at least a 40% Shield Bypass or a larger Kinetic warhead.

Plasma Torpedo procs need something in line of Undine Torpedo procs where it actually deals damage and perhaps have a secondary effect like the ability to prevent ships from cloaking. Also perhaps various HY modes gives different effects. Like Plasma HY1 has the single large torpedo, while HY3 does what the Romulan / Reman ships do with the 3 HYs.

Tricobalts are practically worthless on so many levels now, frankly it's a waste to invest points in this Tier 5 skill.

- Probability of Launch Failure before even being released
- Probablility of failing shortly after firing if leaving the firing arc
- Likelhood of being blown up in transit by various abilities (Especially AoEs like Gravity Well and FAW).
- Very Minor Damage to Shields if shields are up.

So out of all these Tricobalts need some attention to spruce them up.