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06-11-2011, 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
Its not really the same comparison. The borg set is working as intended. We can argue weather it is OP or not all we want, it is working exactly as the Devs intended it to.

Pengs on the other hand Are not working as the Devs intended them to.... This has been stated by the devs. (Why they didn't just shut them off is anyones guess, PvP is just not important to them I guess)

Honestly I may use one myself... After Thursdays correction. lol

The torp will be no better then a quantum after it is fixed... higher dmg / twice the cool down. It is still an interesting torp, seeing as it has a higher base dmg with out specing into it. However at the present it offers you up to 10 Direct to hull explosions on one target with no hard counter. If you catch a victim with no more hull resist buffs, or they are removed via a SNB, you get a nice fee direct to hull explosion. I don't think I really need to go over the mechanics again, we all understand how its broken. Honestly I still don't understand why you would not shelf an item that is that broken until its fixed a few days down the line... unless you feel you need it. (I am giving you a hard time now)

I don't mean to single you out though, your just the one that spoke up I guess. The real offenders are the guys that load 2 or 3 of them front and rear and spam them. I think even you have to admit that its sort of cheap... and that they will all dump those builds Thursday, when some of us might consider using one.
You're absolutely right, it is cheap to load up 6 of them, those builds will disappear this week. And my comparison to the borg set only applies after Thursday. For me, using the peng is more about the fact that with 2 torpedo consoles and the right timing, my peng hits for between 8000 and 10,000 initially. So I can eliminate the need for a HY skill and still get the same damage on the first impact, and it's rate of travel makes it pretty much certain that I'll hit hull as soon as it's exposed. I can still only one-pop someone in my sci ship if I time my tricobalt right. I'll be using it exactly the same way when it's fixed.

And on a more positive note, I'm really looking forward to Tuesday when S4 goes to tribble. Then we'll have a slew of things that need to be fixed, but at least it's going to be fun.